Application for Admission

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    Name of the Pupil in Full
    Boy or Girl
    UID No.
    Date of Birth
    Whether a copy of Birth Certificate is attached
    Copy of Birth Certificate

    Scheduled Caste or Tribe? (If yes, copy of certificated to be attached)
    Copy of Certificate
    Whether vaccinated or not?
    Oral Polio:
    Triple Antigen:
    Whether the pupil has suffered from any serious illness or disability?
    If yes, state the illness / disability.
    Transfer Certificate (Std. 2 and above)
    Marks Card of previous school
    I request that above mentioned pupil may be admitted to Standard.

    I do agree to abide by all the rules and regulations existing now and that may be introduced hereafter in this institution. I understand that it is a Christian minotiry educational institution. I do agree to have moral education for my child in addition to ordinary curriculum and extracurricular activities in the school. I agree to take special care when picking up and dropping my ward to school and one parent will be at home to receive our
    child after school hours.

    I agree to play a proactive role in the rearing of the child at home. I agree to avoid corporal punishment at home in retaliation to diary entries/remarks or the poor performance of my child. Also I agree to keep the school informed as soon as there is any change of address or telephone number. A neighbour's name and phone number will be provided separately for this purpose.

    Parent's Acknowledgement

    We assure the school, of our whole-hearted and sincere co-operation and we are willing to abide by the rules of the school which are existing now and may be formulated later. We will not hold the school responsible for any untoward incident that happens outside the school premises or at home.

    Note: Submission of this form is not guarantee of admission